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Why Is My Electric Bill
So High All Of A Sudden?

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Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

There are 3 basic types of charges that you should concern yourself with when reviewing your electricity bill.

1. The “Billing Fee Charge”, is what your utility charges you just for being a customer. This could be $5 per month or this could be $25 per month depending upon your utility.

2. The “Supply Charges” cover the cost of generating electricity and are determined by two factors – the quantity of electricity consumed and the price per kilowatt of electricity. Costs to generate power at power plants continues to increase year after year in a very big way. Recently we’ve seen utilities increase there rates by more than 46% in some areas.

3. The “Delivery Charges” cover the infrastructure used to transfer the energy from its original source to your home. In many cases the delivery charges are more than ½ of the total monthly electricity bill amount.

Why is my electric bill so high all of a sudden? There is a are a tremendous amount of fixed costs that are required to generate and distribute energy. Our grid and infrastructure is old, fragile and dilapidated, it’s essentially poles holding up poles. Every time you drive by and see a utility worker working on a power line, think of all the power lines and poles, think of the number of workers, trucks, insurances, taxes, fees, benefits, entitlements and all the other fixed costs involved to keep this massive wheel turning.. and don’t forget that utilities have-to continue to grow profits for their shareholders, this is a business and it’s about profitability — for them!

And what happens when we get hit by the next superstorm, which seems to happen more frequently than not. These superstorms are causing havoc on our infrastructure, and we keep putting band-aids on a broken and fragile system. Costs keep rising. How much more can this camel’s back take?

We’re still paying for Hurricane Sandy and other similar devastation’s across our country.

There is no protection to these increases.

However, you can control your own power generation and delivery, using cleaner, cheaper, greener, price-protected power.

Click on ‘Click to Qualify’ at the top of the page and let’s see how much electricity your home solar system can potentially generate.

There is a reason that solar makes sense on so many levels.