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True Home Solar is changing the way New York and New Jersey is powered.

About Us

A Seasoned Team of Solar Professionals

Our seasoned team of professionals has been operating in solar since 2010. 

We embrace more than a decade of design build solar experience and continuous innovation.  We deliver our customers American made solar panel products, quality workmanship, and integrity with a white glove customer service experience.

Our installation teams are hands-on and ran by master electricians, all work is guaranteed with the highest level of standards and attention to detail. 

We install every project like we’re working on our own homes.

Our Bigger Purpose

Our goal and mission is to help families take control of rising utility costs by providing significant financial savings using American made solar energy products.
The more homes and businesses we enable with energy from the sun, the more American jobs that will be created and the cleaner and greener our country will become. 
The cleaner our country becomes, the better our lives will become.


True Home is America’s Solar Company.  We use American products and we support the growth of American jobs.

Changing the Way New York and New Jersey is Powered.

Solar Panels Made in the U.S.A.



Our team has a strong passion for renewable energy, our team members have extensive knowledge of home solar systems.  We aim to put our customers into the right financial option for their situation.

We are open for business, and with Federal incentives in place, now is really is the really best time to go solar.  See if you qualify and we’ll schedule a time to meet with you.  

We will present you with a custom proposal designed to save 15-50%+ on your monthly electric bills while understanding a clear path to potentially eliminating your bill.

Think about what you can do with that savings!

The True Home Solar Team Scores – 100%

Overall Solar Knowledge
Passion For Renewable Energy
Energy Level

Why Choose True?

Highest quality workmanship backed by the highest grade warranty in the solar industry. Production Guarantee on all systems. Guaranteed 25 year solar panel warranty, 25 years inverter warranty, 25 years workmanship warranty which includes leak-proof and leak penetration guarantee. Full replacement of any damaged solar panels along with 24/7 concierge phone support.

We have a reliable, responsive and pro-active team that will keep you updated during the entire installation timeline.

Production Guarantee – The amount of production (electricity) your system will produce is guaranteed in writing.

Increase the value of your home. Studies have shown that home solar can increase your home value.

Our certified roof team is ready to get you a brand-new roof.  All roof and solar work is guaranteed end-to-end for 25 years.

Expect a fast and thorough installation timeline.  True Home has the installation process down to a science. 

Aesthetically friendly solar panels – The new 2023 panels are sleek, all black, they lie close to the rooftop (low profile) and really make a statement about good taste. These American made solar products are efficient, sharp and they make your home look smart!

Obtain the greatest value in solar, which is the most efficient cost savings solar products at the absolute lowest price. 

True Home Gives You American Solar Products With a Better Customer Experience

Our Team Takes Care of the Entire Process



Federal & State Incentives ARE STRONG

Solar Incentives Are Available

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): 30% Savings

This tax credit is income that you receive which allows you to reduce your federal tax payments by 30% (total cost of the solar energy system). You receive this money back from the Federal Government.

New York State Solar Equipment Tax Credit: 25% Savings or $5000

This tax credit allows you to reduce your state tax payments by 25% of the total cost of your solar energy system. The typical state tax credit paid to you is $5000.

New Jersey’s Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC-II)

You get paid by the state of New Jersey for 15 years just for producing your own electricity. Most of time this ends up being thousands of dollars paid to you. This program was developed to help utilities meet their renewable energy production goals.

Utility Net Metering

When you go solar you are still connected to your utility and electrical grid. Net Metering gives homeowners in New York and New Jersey the ability to push electricity back to the grid.

You’ve Paid Your Taxes and Made it Possible for Incentives to Exist. 

Take Advantage of it!

4 Reasons True Home Solar Is a Top Residential Solar Company

Are you considering investing in solar technology? Here are 4 great reasons that Home Solar is a fantastic residential solar company.

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Did you know the solar industry is saving the planet to the tune of 1.6 billion trees? The power generated by solar energy offsets 96 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equal to planting 1.6 billion trees. You know what is even more impressive? Solar energy only accounts for 1.6% of the power generated in the US. Imagine what would happen if more people jumped on the solar energy bandwagon? You can too! Residential solar panel systems are rapidly becoming less expensive and more accessible to everyone. The main thing is to make sure you choose a reputable, experienced solar installation company like True Home Solar. Check out these fantastic reasons why you should choose True Home Solar to install your solar panels!

1. Seasoned Leadership

When you choose True Home Solar to install your residential solar panels, rest easy knowing that our company leadership knows what they’re doing. One of our founders, Jim Alamia, who heads up our Sales & Marketing department has a background working with large regionally integrated companies like SunPower Solar and Momentum Solar. With 20 years of professional experience in demand generation, marketing automation, and business development, he has been leading the charge as we grow and expand our company. Another founder, Curtis Howard, is like the sun for our solar system at True Home Solar. He is a true believer in renewable energy and is enthusiastically doing his part to help save the planet. He is a seasoned sales professional and is ready to spread his energy and love of solar energy to everyone!

2. Rapidly Expanding Service Areas

At the moment, we here at True Home Solar are expanding our service area into markets all across the Eastern US. Look for us in North and South Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Georgia. Plus, we own a solar company in West Caldwell, NJ which services all of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. In other words, we’re taking over! This expansion sets us apart for two reasons. First, if we’re not already in your area, we may be coming soon and are happy to start offering service. Second, there’s a reason we’re expanding so rapidly, even in tough economic times. We offer a solid product, perform quality installations, and wow our customers with outstanding customer service. Only businesses that are really doing things right can boast about this kind of expansion.

3. Quality Solar Panel Installation

Every year that your solar panels last is another year that you’re saving money. For this reason, you want to know that you are getting a quality product that is going to last for decades. At True Home Solar, we only hire consummate professionals who are highly trained in the correct way to install solar panels. Expect our efficient and reliable team to keep you updated throughout every step of the process. We also don’t dilly dally around with the installation. We have it down to a science so we won’t be disrupting your home for very long. When it’s done, we back our work with the highest grade warranty in the solar industry. Enjoy 25 years warranty on the solar panels, the inverter, and the workmanship. This includes a leak-proof and leak penetration guarantee. What does this mean? If your solar panels are damaged, you get a full replacement. We’re so confident in our systems that we even guarantee the amount of electricity your system will produce!

4. Aesthetics

Solar panels aren’t exactly ugly. To us, they’re beautiful because they represent a cleaner, healthier planet. However, not everyone loves the idea of these huge panels sitting on top of their house. Our new 2020 panels are all black and lie very close to the roof for a low profile. This style fits in well with any aesthetic and makes your home look super smart!

Why Is Solar Energy Important?

The more solar energy we can produce in this country, the more carbon offset we can contribute. At only 1.6% of the energy production in the US, we’re already offering the equivalent of 1.6 billion trees. Imagine what would happen to our atmosphere if 10% or 20% or even more of our energy came from renewable energy harnessed from the sun? Our air quality would improve greatly, we’d see less smog and haze in our skies, and we’d enjoy a cleaner Earth. Aside from the big picture, solar energy is fantastic for homeowners as well. As it stands, you are a slave to rising energy costs. If the price goes up, you have to pay it because you need electricity. With your own solar panels, you have energy on your terms. Take control of your own energy and stop paying high energy costs — and wondering how much they’ll continue to go up. Here at True Home Solar we only use the best residential solar panels. They offer the greatest efficiency, which translates to the greatest savings. And the fact they look super smart on top of your house certainly doesn’t hurt!

Installing Residential Solar Panels with True Home Solar

There has never been a better time to install residential solar panels. In the midst of economic uncertainty, there’s nothing like knowing you don’t have to be dependent on the grid, or subject to rising energy prices. Worried about the upfront cost of solar panel installation? Don’t be. Federal and State governments are offering strong solar incentives in an effort to help clean up our world. Play your cards right and you can basically get paid to go solar. Ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our specialists here at True Home Solar are happy to go over the benefits of going solar. We’ll also do the calculations and show you how much you could save by having solar panels installed at your home. Contact us today to get started!


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Customers Are Talking...

Future of The Sun

Our company is driven by innovation.  Our customers can monitor their system production via a phone App and see how much electricity their system is generating along with how much they are saving. 

We are believers in battery technology and battery innovation.  We offer a variety of practical add-on storage solutions.

We believe that the future can empower us as people to own and control our own electricity.  Cleaner and greener energy is right in front of us.  Energy independence is a very achievable goal, we are still in very beginning stages of our energy freedom.