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Why Go Solar?

New Jersey has been an early leader in solar and top state for renewable incentives and rebates.

True Home Gives You A Better Experience

  • Lease or Loan Payment With $0 Down
  • Purchase Your System Outright
  • Long Term Price Protection Against Rising Utilities
  • Own The System and Get Paid from The State Every Month
  • Increase Your Home Value
  • 25 Year Complete End-To-End Warranty
  • Energy Production Guarantee
  • Fast Installation Process
  • Awesome Customer Service Team


Going solar comes down to simple economics.  Start saving money today!

True Home Takes Care of The Entire Process. 

You Sit Back and Save.

Why Choose True?

We are now serving New Jersey, New York including Long Island and Connecticut.

True Home is a solar company with a bigger purpose. 

Our goal is to help hard working families take control of rising utility increases by providing clean and green solar power energy options.

The more homes we enable with solar, the closer we get to a cleaner, greener price-protected future.

There is a reason they call this place the Garden State.

Why Choose True?

A World Class Solar Product

We offer the only complete home solar system that is designed and engineered by one company.

  • 30 Years of Solar Innovation
  • Our solar panels produce 60% more energy than conventional panels which means more savings on less room space.
  • The sleek all-black panels lie close to the rooftop and make a statement about good taste while reducing and eliminating utility costs.
  • Industry-leading warranty, which covers the entire system and includes performance, parts and labor for 25 years.

SunPower develops the industry’s most efficient and cosmetically friendly solar panel solutions while providing its customers with the greatest financial savings and a positive environmental impact.


Federal and State of New Jersey Solar Incentives

The federal government Investment Tax Credit (ITC) entitles homeowners to a 30 percent tax credit based on the system cost. The state Solar Renewable Energy Credits Program (SREC) will pay you monthly for fifteen years based on the energy your home solar system produces. The average homeowner in New Jersey will receive $1,800–$2,500 annually for fifteen years based on their system production (the electricity that their solar system generates).

Homeowners can use their monthly SREC income to pay for their solar loan payment and pay next to nothing for electricity using this state incentive money. Once the system is paid off, you can say goodbye to electric bills for the home. When we pencil out the math for you, you will see that the federal government and state are ultimately paying you to go solar.

See If You Qualify in Seconds

True Guarantees

American Made Company With 30+ Years Experience

A Complete Home Solar System That Is Designed and Engineered by One Company.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Production Guarantee

Highest Efficiency

Highest Reliability

Better Customer Experience

Continuous Innovation

Quality Workmanship by Certified Installation Team

Tree Removal and Roof Replacement Available

About True Home Solar

True Home Solar provides New Jersey homeowners with the greatest energy savings. We guarantee our solar panel systems with low fixed energy pricing for years to come.


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