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What is a Solar Energy Offset?

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What Does a Solar Offset Mean?

When you hear the term “Offset Solar” this is the percentage of electricity that your home solar system can produce versus your historic usage of electricity.

In most residential areas in the US, when you go solar you can install a system on your home that is consistent with your historic usage of electricity.

This is why residential solar energy companies need to see a copy of your most recent electricity bill. The bill will contain a graph of how many kilowatt-hours have been used historically and then a proposed system can be designed with high accuracy.

The goal is to get you 100% offset or as close to 100% as possible. Some state utilities will allow you to build solar systems that produce more than 100% of your historic usage.

Remember, whatever cannot be offset by solar, will still be billed to you by your utility. Imagine having a home with no electric bill?

Click on ‘Click to Qualify’ at the top of the page and let’s see how much electricity your home solar system can potentially generate.

There is a reason that solar makes sense on so many levels.