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Purchase Solar Panels For Home

One of the benefits of purchasing a solar system for your home in New Jersey is that the state incentives are very strong. New Jersey continues to pay qualified residential homeowners for 15 years just for generating their own electricity.

In addition to the ITC – Investment Tax Credit Federal Incentives NJ homeowners will also receive and earn TREC income, TRECs are Transferrable Renewable Energy Certificates.

The state of NJ is going to pay qualified homeowners 1 TREC Certificate for about every 1000 Kilowatt-hours they generate with their home solar energy system.

The big idea is to pay off the system (using their money for the most part) and then own home without an electricity bill.

Where to purchase solar panels? Click on ‘Click to Qualify’ at the top of the page and let’s see how much electricity your home solar system can potentially generate.

There is a reason that solar makes sense on so many levels.