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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost For A 1,500 Square Foot House

When you go solar you will be hiring a reputable company that will provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction which is known as an EPC.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

There is much more that goes into home solar besides the panels themselves. There are other “Hard-costs” such as:
The solar panel racking system, invertors, conduit, and wiring costs.

There are also “Soft-costs” such as:
The site survey is used to check the viability of solar at the home. The design of the solar system, permitting from the local utility for the inter-connection. Facilitation of solar financing products with incentive options. Installation and labor costs. Ongoing maintenance of the solar system through equipment monitoring technology.

A solar company is going to charge you a Price Per Watt which is also known as PPW:
Price Per Watt – PPW

For example, How much do solar panels cost for a 1,500 square foot house?

Let’s say that your new solar system for your 1500 square foot house is expected to produce 11,000 Kilowatt-hours of capacity in a year, then you have what’s known as an 11KW system, this is also known as the system size.

We are going to take the 11,000 Kilowatt-hours and multiple times the price per watt, let’s say that the solar company is charging you $3.30 per watt.

Your system in this example will cost $36,300 before incentives are applied. The $36,300 is the Total System Cost or also referred to as the “EPC Value.”
11,000 Kilowatt-hours X $3.30 Per Watt = $36,300
Before Incentives

The $36,300 is the Total System Cost
EPC Value

In this same system size example, if you didn’t know what you were being charged a price per watt (PPW?) but you did know your system size and total cost, then you could take the total cost of the system and divide it by the number of Kilowatt-hours and understand how much you were paying per watt. $36,300 / 11,000 Kilowatt-hours = $3.30 Per Watt.

Our research has shown that reputable solar companies in the northeast typically charge homeowners anywhere from $2.50 to $4.00+ Per Watt depending upon the project requirements and soft and hard costs. For example, a ground mount system would cost more than a system on your rooftop.

A residential solar EPC company takes a holistic approach while providing a turn-key and full-service experience for its customers.
This means that less of your time is consumed in the process and you have greater peace of mind dealing with one single point of contact throughout the entire process.

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There is a reason that solar makes sense on so many levels.